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A water purification machine is the key to keeping your water clean, but a new invention could make it easier to purify your home.

The water purifying machine, or rlcraft, has been designed to help those living in remote areas of India and Africa.

This is a device that plugs into a wall outlet and takes water from the outlet into a filter that can purify water at a rate of one cubic metre per minute.

It has the ability to purge the water in the household without any need to filter it.

Rlcraft is a water puritifier that can remove some of the water from indoor plumbing “The rl craft is the most effective water puritizer in the world, as it can remove almost 100 per cent of water in a single day,” said Amit Shukla, managing director of the company.

“Rl craft works on the principle of water displacement, which means the water that enters the house through pipes is replaced with purified water.

This means that the household’s water is not contaminated.”

Rlc craft can purfey water to a level of 99 per cent purity, said Shukala.

Water is a crucial component of life.

A woman in the remote village of Tumkuru, in northern India, uses rl crafts to purification a household of water Source: Hindustan Times/Handout/Getty ImagesShukla said the device was tested in a lab and found to work by purifying water from two-thirds to 90 per cent, compared to the 90 per 100 per 10 per cent required by most other water purifications.

“The device purifies up to 80 per cent water, which is the ideal amount to get rid of the pollution in our homes,” he said.

He said the rl Craft was also suitable for people living in small villages.

According to Shuklah, the device is a key technology to tackle the challenges faced by rural India.

One of the challenges in rural India is that people living with a water supply that does not have a piped outlet often have to travel a long distance for drinking water, and there is a shortage of household water for drinking.

The water supply in rural areas is limited to two-three metres from an existing pipe, which often leads to the water being stored for a long time, he said, adding that the rL Craft could be a key tool to help the rural population in these areas.