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By Laura Smith, Bloomberg Businessweek Feb 20, 2018 3:03:25Costco has decided to launch a new water purifier for customers in Malaysia, as the country struggles with a rising cost of living.

The price of a litre of filtered water will be 2.75 Malaysian ringgit ($1.23) for a 1,000 litre supply.

The cost will be reduced to 1 ringgit for a 2,000-litre supply, and 1.25 ringgit per litre for a 3,000litre one.

Costco said the new water supply, which it calls the Pure Water 1.0, would be offered at the price of 2,5 gallons of purified water for a one-month supply.

This would make it cheaper than bottled water and cheaper than the average household, according to the company.

The new water would be priced at $1.27 for 1,500 litres.

It would cost $1 for 1 liter and $1 per 500 litre.

Costos spokesman Alisyn Wong said the company had decided to focus on the new product because of the price, and that the company has been working with government officials to help with the project.

Malaysia has the highest number of water purifiers in the world, according an analysis by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics.

The cost of clean water has risen by over 80% in the past decade.

Malaysian authorities are trying to reduce the amount of polluted water flowing through the country’s rivers and reservoirs.

In April, the National Environment Agency said the country could have up to 6,200 new polluted lakes by 2020.