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The Environmental Protection Agency is cracking down on the water industry, and some companies are going to need to pay up.

The EPA has ordered several companies to stop selling products that contain a substance that’s known to cause kidney and liver damage and has been cracking down since January on a variety of water filtration products, including the AquaFiltration System, a new product that’s been approved for use in water systems.

In January, the EPA also issued a directive banning the use of a filter made by Purina.

The agency says that the AquaClear, a purifier that was approved by the EPA last year, is a “potentially hazardous” water purification product.

The FDA says it is concerned that the filter could be used to flush out contaminated water.

The AquaClear is being made by a company that was acquired by a Japanese company, Purina, in 2012.

The Purina AquaClear filters, made by the American company LendUp, have been used in a number of countries.

However, the Aqua Clear filter made for the Japanese company was found to be contaminated with a toxin, known as Sulfur Dioxide.

The toxin is produced when bacteria in the human body produce sulfate, a chemical that inhibits the formation of sulfate reductases, enzymes that break down sulfate in the water.

This process causes the water to become acidic, leading to increased production of the toxin.

The company said that the EPA has not given them any indication that the product has caused any harm.

In April, the FDA issued a voluntary recall of 1.5 million Lend-Up AquaClear products because of concerns about the safety of the filter.

That voluntary recall was issued in response to reports that the filters contained a toxin that caused kidney and other damage.

In June, the agency ordered Lend up to stop using the Aqua Filtration System in the U.S. market.

Purina’s AquaClear filter is a purified water purifying filter that can be used for the purification of water.

In a statement to National Geographic, Purine said it is “actively cooperating with the EPA on its regulatory enforcement actions and we will continue to do so in a fair and transparent manner.”

It added that the company is “conducting independent research into the health and environmental impacts of the AquaFilter.”

“Purina is aware of reports that Lendup has been selling tainted AquaClear Filters,” Purine added.

“As a precautionary measure, Purins AquaClear and AquaFila filters have been removed from the U and the U S. markets.”

But some companies aren’t giving up, and they’re taking legal action against the EPA.

“Purica has been the victim of a concerted effort to intimidate, intimidate, and criminalize its customers and customers’ businesses.

Purica is committed to pursuing all legal remedies available to it, including injunctive relief,” said a statement from the company.

“In a legal dispute with the US.

EPA, Purica has also been sued for violating federal environmental laws, and we have taken legal action in order to protect the environment and the rights of its customers.

We will continue our efforts to protect our customers’ and the environment’s health and well-being.”