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A new generation of UK water-purifying equipment has been launched, with the first of its kind being developed by Vestige Water Purifier, which will be rolled out across the country by the end of 2019.

Vestige says it is targeting to have its first 100-seater water purifying equipment ready for use by March 2021, with more units due to be rolled-out.

“We are excited to have the first 100 units in the pipeline, which are the first commercial units to be built by Vestiges in the UK,” said John Martin, chief executive of Vestige.

The first unit is being built in Sheffield, with further units to follow.

One of the most common questions about the new water purification equipment is how to keep the water from seeping through into your home or workplace.

A Vestige water-saving device will stop the water running from your house into the street when you’re not using it, with a water filter installed to catch any water that may be left behind after your washing.

Other features include a “smart” shower head, which uses sensors and cameras to detect water levels and the temperature of your surroundings, and will automatically shut off when you leave the shower.

It will also stop the washing machine if you leave it running too long, while a water-cooler system keeps the water cool when the washing is done.

The first 100 Vestigess water purging units will be built at a factory in Sheffield.

Vestige will be supplying its first units to retailers in March.

Water purification is one of the cheapest ways to cut back on water use, with an average household using just one litre of water per day in the US.

However, the technology is still a long way from being universally adopted by the general public.

In the US, it is estimated that only about 20 per cent of households have access to a water purifyer.

There is a lack of knowledge around the technology, which is often blamed for the water shortage, as well as the fact that the devices are only a small part of a wider water supply system.

Despite the technology being a huge step forward, there are still concerns that the technology will fail, as a lack a clear standard of design and testing.

Many people have also expressed concern that the water purifies will end up in the sewer, causing pollution, and that the equipment will eventually become a nuisance to people.

While some experts have suggested the equipment should be replaced when the system has been in use for a while, many experts have expressed concern about the potential for the technology to become a liability.