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The Super Bowl is only days away and the game will be the biggest event of the year for many people.

The biggest concern for many will be that you don’t have enough water in your house to drink.

Here are some things you should know about how to prepare your home and your water.

Toilet paper and wipesThe most common type of water to use during the Super Bowl and during the NFL playoffs is water from the toilet.

The toilet paper will keep your hands clean, but it will also make the air that comes out of your nose smell bad.

You can use a disposable toilet paper, but that can be more irritating than just using the right type.

You should wash your hands and arms first, and then rinse them in hot water to get rid of the chlorine.

The only water that you should use during a Super Bowl event is from the tap in your bathroom.

If your tap is off and you’re not going to use it, you can also buy bottled water or a water filter.

There are two types of bottled water available.

The first is water that has been bottled by a company that sells its water at grocery stores and other retailers.

You can find that type of bottled by going to the grocery store.

The second is bottled water that is sold by a local company.

The quality of the bottled water can vary depending on how much chlorine it has been added to.

You also need to have a place to store your water that doesn’t get flooded or spoiled.

Some people store their water in a container in their refrigerator, freezer, or garage.

The best way to store water during a big event is in a glass container. If you don