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By Simon Cox / ScienceNowUK water regulators in the UK have warned customers to turn off their fans, air conditioners and other household appliances to protect against airborne bacteria.

The British Association of Water and Waste Management (BAWCMM) said it was urging people to “stop wasting water” by not using them in the home.

The BS4C (Bureau of Chemicals, Fertilisers and Fumigation) has released a warning, which also warns against air conditioner fans that are installed at home.

“We have received an increased number of complaints from people that they are not using their air conditioning fan effectively,” the BS4M said in a statement.

“There is a risk of exposure to airborne bacteria from air conditionant fans installed at homes.”

It said the BS2C (Consumer Products and Household Goods Safety Commission) was currently investigating complaints.

In an emailed statement to ScienceNow UK, BS4Cs (the UK’s equivalent of the BS1C and BS4) said the regulator was reviewing its air condition and air conditioning products.

“As part of its ongoing review, BS2Cs is currently examining a number of air condition fan safety and environmental issues, including fan installation at homes, air conditioning installation at premises, and the use of air conditioning fan fans at work,” the statement said.

“In the interim, BS3Cs is working to update the BS5 and BS6 (Product Safety and Standards Commission) guidance on the safe use of fan fans.”

The BS5C (Consumers Advice) has already issued a statement clarifying that the fan fan should only be used at home when it is designed and fitted for home use, and that fans should not be used outside of the home when there is a clear risk of inhalation of airborne bacteria, such as aspergillosis.””

The public can continue to make their own arrangements for their air conditioning and air condition products, such is the need to prevent this potential risk.