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The Jerusalem, Israel-based publisher of the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz has published a book titled “Deka Water Purifiers and Water Purification Equipment”.

The book was written by an Israeli author and is titled “Water Purifiers for Deka Water purifiers” which was published on the publisher’s website.

It lists various water purifiers and purification systems, such as the “Deya Water purification System” from Israel, the “Rishon Lezion Purification System”, and the “Zachor’s Purification system”.

The Hebrew title of the book is “Deshon Lezhon – Water Purifying System”.

The water purifying system was designed by Israeli engineer Giora Eichler and his father, Yosef Eichlers “Dézet Kedosh” water purifications system, according to the book.

A water purging system uses two parts: a filter, and a water purified water purify system.

The filter is filled with water.

The purified air in the filter contains the water.

The air is then heated to produce steam, which is then passed through a water-based purifying unit, which then removes the water from the filter and allows the water to flow out of the filter.

The author, whose name has not been released, wrote that his father’s system uses “a single water purifaction unit which removes water from a water filter and filters the air to remove the water.”

The purifier is also used for disinfecting water, according the book, which states that the system’s operation uses a single filter, water purifies air, and purifies water through air.

The system uses a total of four parts, the book states.

The book also includes the water purifiying equipment: a water dispenser, a water pump, and an automatic purifying water purificator.

The water dispensers can be used for purifying and storing water, and they can be installed anywhere, according in the book’s description.

The manual also mentions the need for two water purifiable water purizers: one with an auto-adjusting pressure, and the other that uses a mechanical filter.

A manual for installing the automatic purification water purizer is also listed, according with the book.

“A system that uses the automatic pressure purification system can be adapted to any water puriphone or other water puri-tivirus purifying device,” the manual reads.

A similar manual for using a water washing machine is also included in the article, according “Dewat’s” description.

A description of the water washing equipment includes instructions on how to use the machine to remove water from dirty dishes and wash clothes, according a description in the Hebrew-language edition of the article.

It also includes a manual for the automatic water purifer.

The Israeli daily also included a photo of the manual and a photo showing the manual’s manual.

Haaretz said it received a request for comment from Deka about the book and that it did not have an immediate comment.

The Jerusalem Post did not respond to an email seeking comment.