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Water purifiers are one of the most popular uses for purified water today.

But what does it taste like?

Water purifier manufacturer Water Purifier Supply (WPS) recently told the Jerusalem Post that purified water was “not really safe for human consumption.”

The Jerusalem Post asked WPS to comment on the report and found that the company did not offer an immediate response.WPS has a history of controversies.

In October, a former employee sued the company for alleged retaliation after she quit for “serious mental distress,” the Jerusalem Times reported.

In August, the company said its brand of purified water “does not include any chlorine or hydrogen sulfide and is not meant for human drinking.”

The company’s spokeswoman said WPS “continues to invest in our processes and we are committed to a process that delivers clean, safe water for all customers.”

In a statement to the Jerusalem Daily News, WPS said it was “looking into the allegations” and was “committed to a healthy and sustainable relationship with our customers and communities.”