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As the US population grows, more and more water systems are turning to cheap, low-tech solutions.

But it’s not easy to make a home-use water purification system that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels or chemicals.

That’s why a team of scientists and engineers has created a water purifying device that’s a step closer to becoming a reality.

The water purifies 100 percent of its own water, so it’s 100 percent pure. 

The team, led by Dr. James T. Bannister, a professor of environmental engineering at Purdue University, has designed a device that can purify and purify water with a combination of heat, light and ultraviolet radiation, and that’s powered by solar panels. 

The team hopes that the device could eventually be used to produce water for people who don’t have access to clean water supplies.

The researchers are working with three different companies:  a company called Aroma, which produces solar panels for home water purifications;  Hogwood, which is a company that makes solar-powered water purifers; and  Nuclear Power Systems, which makes solar panels to make water purifyers. 

 Nuke has a patent for a device called a “purified and purified water” purifier that it says would be a “great tool for home purification.”

Nuke said in a statement that it’s been developing the device for several years.

“Nuke is the world leader in developing innovative water purificators,” the statement read.

“We have developed several technologies to purify clean water from the air and water.

These devices, called Nuke, are the first to purifies water with solar power and ultraviolet light.”

According to Nuke’s patent application, the device has a water filter that takes in and purifies the water.

 The patent describes the device as having a heat-sensitive polymer membrane that is capable of separating out CO 2 , ammonia and other pollutants.

Nuke said that it has also been working with solar-panel companies on its technology.

Nuke also said that the purification device is safe for use in water systems and would only be used in the United States and China.

Nuke declined to comment to Business Insider.

The group has already been testing the device with commercial customers in the US.

According to the company’s website, Nuke has tested its purification systems on more than 2,000 people and has produced water that has been purified by more than 3,000 other people.

The group says that it is the only company to successfully purify a water system from CO 2 using solar energy.