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A family of four with a water purification system has been told to clean up the water in their home by the state of California, a new report from a California environmental group says.

The state said it has not yet received the reports of nearly 700 people who are already in compliance, including the residents of three homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The report by the Bay Area Coalition for a Safe Water said the state’s water purifying system can be “extremely unreliable” when compared to systems in other parts of the country, where it can detect pollutants and make accurate measurements.

It also says the system can cause “very high” water bills, even when not at fault.

The system’s main function is to stop the flow of water from a source that is not in compliance with California’s water law, the report says.

It has been installed on the property of three residents and one visitor, who paid $4,200 for the system, and has yet to be installed on another home.

California’s water agency, the Department of Water Resources, has been testing the system on about 100 homes and has said it will install more equipment to help monitor the system’s performance.

But the report said the system “has not been tested for accuracy.”

The report says the owners of one home have been in the system for more than a year and one has been in for more that three years.

A resident said she had no idea that the system was not working and had been told by the system operator to shut it off.

A water purifer is a collection of underground water pipes that provide a steady supply of water to homes and businesses.

A water purifyr is a system that converts the water collected from the aquifer into drinking water.

The water is pumped to homes by pipes or pumped to the surface by pumps.

It’s unclear why the system hasn’t been tested, the California Department of Public Health said in a statement.

The agency said the department was working with local water districts and state regulators to assess the system.

“We are confident that the water quality and operation of the system is consistent with California standards,” the agency said.

“The Department of Health has taken immediate action to address this issue and continue to work with the system operators.”

Read moreCalifornia’s public health director, Marisa Lomacz, told a news conference on Tuesday that the state is “very concerned” by the report.

She said the water system is a key part of the state water infrastructure and should be inspected and tested for compliance.

“We are working to ensure that these systems are safe and effective,” she said.

“When you are a water system operator, you know what you’re doing.

You’re making sure you’re working in the best interest of your community,” Lomaccz said.

California has been under a court order to improve its water systems and the latest court order requires it to start testing the water puriters by June 1.

It could take more than six months for the testing to begin.

State lawmakers have proposed a new law that would make the testing mandatory, but it’s unclear how many of the estimated 700 residents who have already been tested would be eligible for a refund of their fees.

Lomaccza said the program is being funded through a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.