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The Environmental Protection Agency is looking for solutions to water purification, and a recent survey of water purifying equipment in the United States found that the majority of products do not meet EPA standards for water purity.

The EPA, however, says it’s open to finding better ways to use water purifier technology.

It is also looking at the role that the water itself plays in the environment, and what chemicals are used in the process.

It’s not clear how many people are using water purificators in the U.S., but according to the EPA, there are some 3.6 million Americans using water filters or water purging systems.

The agency said that about a quarter of all Americans use water filters and filters on their homes, which the agency said would likely account for a sizable percentage of the population.

In 2016, the EPA found that a quarter-million Americans were using water-purifying devices on their properties.

In 2016, about 10% of the country’s households were using filters or purifiers, according to EPA data.

In 2015, it was 8% of households.

The U.K. has a similar situation, with nearly half of the 1.4 million people who reported using filters in 2016 reporting that they were using them on their property.

In the U and Canada, however and the U of T in Ontario, the use of filters is growing.

A spokesperson for the Canadian Environment Agency told The Wall St. Journal that the agency is also researching ways to improve water purifications systems, and is looking at water purifyrs and filters for use in homes.