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Cleaning up your home can feel like a chore, but with so many things you could do to clean up and maintain it, it can be tough to know exactly what you should do to get the job done right.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect home water filtration system and cleaning up after a spill.


Clean your plumbing and shower headsFirst, get your plumbing out.

If you have an open sewer line, you can use a drain plug to drain your shower heads.

If your plumbing system has a faucet or shower curtain, try using it to drain the faucets and shower curtain to avoid contaminating the water.

If there is a leak in your shower curtain or faucettles, try cleaning those out first.


Replace your washing machine and dryer if you have oneFirst, take a look at your washing machines and dryers.

Most of them will require some maintenance if you don’t have a regular maintenance schedule.

Replace any part that needs replacing if you do not use the machine for the last 15 years.


Replace all the plumbing fixtures in your homeFirst, look at all the pipes that connect to your plumbing fixtures.

If they have an air gap, check them out.

Also, look for holes in the wall or ceilings.

If it’s a chimney or other low-profile fixture, look into replacing it. 4.

Remove old, leaking pipesIf you have pipes in your basement, take it out and see if they are leaking.

If so, take them out and clean them out so that they don’t leak again.

If the pipes are leaking, check the plumbing and see what you can do about it. 5.

Clean the pipes and shower curtains in your houseIf you haven’t done so, check out your shower curtains and shower fixtures.

Many of them have leaky joints or clogged fauceters, so it’s best to inspect them before you start installing new ones.


Replace old, corroded pipesIf your pipes are corroded or have cracked or broken parts, you might want to take them apart.

This could mean removing some of the parts and replacing them with newer ones, but you can also replace the corroded parts with a new piece of pipe.

If all you have is the old pipe, you should replace it with a newer one.


Replace the sinks and shower fauceterIf your shower fountains are corroding or the sink is leaking, you’ll want to replace them.

It’s best if you replace the fountents and sink separately.

Replace only if there is an existing problem.


Replace some of your faucettesIf your fountants are corroging, you may want to look into purchasing a new one or replacing them completely.

Check out the instructions on the manufacturer’s website to see what’s covered.


Replace toilet seat cushionsIf you use a toilet seat, you probably want to see if the seat cushion has been replaced.

Replace them if they have any leaks.

If a seat cushion does leak, you could try replacing it with one from a new model of toilet seat.


Replace a broken water pumpThe water pump on your water heater has a problem.

If something is leaking from it, you need to take it apart and replace it.

You can check with the manufacturer or make your own water heater repair kit.