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The world’s largest online retailer Snapdeal, with nearly 3 billion customers in India, is launching a new water purification feature that is designed to help consumers save money and make their water taste fresher.

The feature, called SnapClean, is the first such feature offered by Snapdeal to India.

The idea behind the feature is to help shoppers “purify their water supply,” according to the company.

The new water filter, called the SnapClean Plus, can be used for water purifications on the company’s mobile apps, such as its app for smartphone and tablet devices, SnapClean for Android and SnapClean Pro for desktop, which it launched in India in April.

It is currently available for the company to test in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bengalepur, Hyderabad, Bengalpur, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Ahmednagar, Kishanganj, Bangalore, Patna, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

The company is also adding the feature to other Indian markets, including Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmednaggarh.

The water filter will cost $4.99 per month, which can be purchased with a credit card, or in cash.

The device has an LCD screen, which lets users select the appropriate amount to purify a small amount of water.

Users can then tap the device and it will automatically detect the amount they need to purfue the water.

This is similar to how tap water purifiers are used on some mobile phones.

The app also includes an automatic water purifying feature that automatically detects the amount of tap water required to purifiy a specific amount of the water, according to Snapdeal.

It will automatically remove the tap water once it has reached the specified purifying level.

“The device will then automatically activate the water purify feature on the mobile app when you tap on it,” the company said in a statement.

The phone will also automatically send a message to the customer when water levels drop below the threshold of purification.

This feature is similar in nature to water purists like Dr. Srinivasan, founder of the Swaminathan Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, who has said that people should always try to purfy their water before drinking it.

Dr. Singh said that it is important to keep the water supply clean to keep people safe, but there is also a difference between drinking water and drinking water.

He added that if people want to do so, they should keep the tap running, which is also part of the technology.

“If the tap is running, then it is better for the health of the individual.

The tap water is used in the manufacture of medicines.

The person can use it, but if the tap becomes dirty, then the patient cannot drink,” he said.

“We need to make sure that the tap has water, not water that is dirty.

There are a lot of devices that purify water but we do not know how to do that.

Water purifiers need a certain amount of pressure to work properly.

This pressure is not there on the water filter,” he added.

The SnapClean water purifies water at a rate of 3 to 10 litres per second, according a Snapdeal spokesperson.

This means that the water can be purged in about two minutes.

The filter also provides the user with a warning, “This water is very heavy, please use a small quantity to purifiy this water,” it says on the app.

A water purging process can be done by tapping the device or by pressing the tap, according the spokesperson.

The amount of purging required varies according to how much water is in the tap.

The TapClean Plus is not the only water purification feature available on Snapdeal’s mobile app.

It also has a feature called Waterless, which provides users with a way to save money by taking water out of the tap when it is too cloudy.

In addition, users can also save money on water by drinking tap water from other customers in the area.