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Low-flow showers are a major problem for many people in India, where the water supply often comes from rivers and can be very polluted.

A new desalination system is helping some of the poorest communities, and now it could be in use in some of India’s most polluted areas.

Water purification systems have long been a part of Indian households, but they have mostly been seen as low-cost solutions for water consumption.

They can help conserve water, while also reducing pollution.

The Indian government has set up the Bharat Water and Sanitation Authority (BWSA), which aims to provide free, low-interest loans for low and medium-income households in rural and remote areas. 

The BWSA is part of the Government of India (GOI) Water Supply Development Scheme, which aims at providing affordable, affordable water to poor and vulnerable people in the country, said an official statement.

The government will now provide loan assistance to households that have met the criteria of the scheme and have already used the new system, the statement said.

According to the BWSA, the new systems can reduce water consumption by up to 20 per cent in rural areas, and by up 50 per cent at the household level.

The system has already been used in parts of Rajasthan, where water consumption is more than 80 per cent of total household consumption.

Earlier this year, the government began the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Uttar Pradesh, which was a first in the state for a major water purification project.

“We are committed to ensuring that poor and marginalised people have access to clean drinking water,” an official said.

“The project will benefit people of the affected areas.”

The BWPA has already installed several units in Rajasthani districts of Uttar Pradesh.

It has also installed more units in the rest of the state.

The scheme aims to reach out to poor rural households and the marginalised groups in the Indian state, where it has been a challenge to provide clean water to people who cannot afford to pay for the water.