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This is the first article in a two-part series about the importance of making time for family.

Today, we look at a time when the Briansons, the Briansons, and the Brianys, and every other family in the world, are making time.

When we do make time for each other, we make time to do what we love, to spend time with family, and to make our children happy.

That’s the time of BRIANIERS.

BRIANDON TIME: A FAMILY-FRAMED WORLD Today’s Family-Focused Time In Focus: How to Make Time for Your Kids When we make our time for our children, the value of that time is much greater.

If we spend our time doing what we want to do and don’t mind doing the hard stuff, we’re creating more time for ourselves.

We have less pressure to do things we can’t afford to miss.

We can take time out of our busy lives to take time to nurture our children and make them happy.

This can be a great opportunity to have more time with the kids, too.

We know that kids are very much a family unit, and if we make the most of our time with them, they will be happier.

We are more likely to make time together for things we love to do, such as playing together, cooking together, and cleaning up after ourselves.

That can help create a positive social atmosphere in the home.

Family is also a key part of a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle starts with good parenting.

Parents need to make sure that the time they spend with their children is focused on the best interests of their children, and not just on their own pleasure.

That means making sure they have time for reading, cooking, and sharing their favorite memories with their kids.

Making time for the Bricansons has been a blessing for our family, as has the Brierons’ friendship.

Brieron Time: A Family-Friendly World Today’s BRIANKTON TIME: Family Time in Focus: Who We Are Today’s Time in Perspective: Today’s family time is a good place to start.

Today we are focusing on making time to spend with our children for their first and second years.

The Brianks have done a fantastic job of teaching their kids to be active members of their families, so they’re well prepared for their transition into adulthood.

We’ll be happy to have them around, and we know they’ll enjoy it.

The good news is that, if we spend more time together, we can have more fun together.

The important thing is to make it a family-friendly experience, because we can do so much more than we can with our kids alone.

We’ve been able to build our friendship and make each other laugh and be together with our own little groups of friends.

Brian Jones is a writer and teacher in Southern California.