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Malaysia has been widely touted as a tap water purification success story after it was dubbed the best in the world for water purifying.

Malaysia’s tap water is purified using alkaline saline water, which is more alkaline than the world’s standard salt water.

The country has an average of about 0.4 grams of salt per liter of water.

It is considered the best water purifiers in the Asian country.

A study conducted by the country’s water authority in 2015 found that the tap water that comes from Malaysia is safe for human consumption.

The country’s Department of Health said it is safe to drink.

According to the National Water Authority, the average level of alkaline water in the Malay-majority country is around 0.6 grams per liter, with a maximum of 1.3 grams per litre.

Malay-based doctor Elisha Purified Water, a purifier with a reputation for being one of the best, says that the alkaline tap water has a low salt content of 0.3g per liter.

She said the company also makes a special blend for tap water and the water from nearby lakes and reservoirs that are used for drinking and industrial uses.

A doctor from the hospital who specialises in water treatment said the tap-water purification process is one of its main sources of income.

“It’s an important industry that is helping the local economy and the environment.

It helps reduce the salt level in the water,” she said.”

Malaysians have been drinking tap water since the 1950s, and this has helped in lowering the amount of salt in the drinking water,” Dr Purified said.

Dr Purified says the tapwater has an excellent pH balance.

She said the water is also good for human health.

She also said the process of purifying the water to achieve the optimum pH level was very easy.

“This is the most important aspect of the tap and we can control it.

There is no need to add salt.

We can keep the water in a safe condition and purify it in the tap,” she added.