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— Kirkland’s water purification plant will cost customers $1.10 per gallon for filtered water and $1 per gallon to replace their existing water supply, according to a new price hike.

The price increase will go into effect starting Oct. 31, 2017, and is part of a new cost of living increase approved by the governor’s office on Monday.

The $1-per-gallon increase applies to customers who buy purified water.

Kirkland Mayor Ron Kirkland speaks at the annual conference of the Northwest Washington Regional Water Authority in Seattle, Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2017.

Kirklanders water department says the price increase is part a broader $6.7 billion increase in the cost of services, including more than $300 million to improve the quality of water, the city said in a news release.

The city also said the price hike will be paid by those who do not have access to filtered water, and will not impact those who already have a water source.

Kirklands water department said it will be making changes to reduce the amount of water people use at home, including installing more filters and other measures.