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A water purification company is using a “purified tap water” to treat the drinking water of people in Australia.

A report from The Australian Financial Reviews said purified water is a “semi-toxic and potentially harmful” substance, as it can enter human bodies through contaminated water sources, and has been linked to increased risks for kidney disease and cancers.

The report said the company Purify was working with the Australian Water Corporation to develop a purified water filtration technology.

“Purify has a significant lead time in the development of a purified tap water technology to treat drinking water, with a current development timeline of 15 months to complete the process and produce the first purified water,” the report said.

It said the purified water has been tested in animals and found to be safe.

“The purified water does not have any microbiological contaminants, nor is it any known pathogen that could potentially contaminate the water supply,” the company said in a statement.

“However, the company does not recommend using purified water in the field, because there are many potential health risks associated with the use of purified water.”

“Purified water is not the only water filtrate, but it is by far the most commonly used,” the statement said.

A spokesman for the Australian water corporation said it was working to develop the technology.

The spokesman said the purification process was “critical to maintaining a safe and sustainable water supply”.

“This is a critical step towards a water supply that meets the health needs of all Australians, without compromising quality,” the spokesman said.

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