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Apple, Amazon and IBM have all announced their plans to buy the purifiers business from Walmart, a deal that would allow them to save billions in costs in a bid to improve water quality and reduce the number of waterborne illnesses.

But Walmart’s acquisition of Purify Technologies has created a new and different kind of water purification device that can be cheaper, more reliable and more environmentally friendly than the existing systems.

The company has partnered with a startup that makes a “high performance water purifying water purifiers” that can run for as little as $1.50 per kilowatt-hour.

They are being sold at a discount to existing purifiers and can be ordered online for as much as $80 to $100.

IOT Water purifier (purifier)The IOT Water Purifier is one of the smaller and cheaper water purizers on the market, with a price tag of $79.99 for an individual unit and $129.99 when you combine the two.

It’s a two-person unit that has been designed to work with any water source, including your tap water, but also can work with purified water as well as water you flush from your toilet.

The Purify purifies water by taking in water that is still in the purification process, which makes it easy to reuse.

The company said that while this new purifier can purify water that you use every day, it also will clean water that’s already been used, so it can reduce the amount of water waste in your home.

The device is currently only available in the US and is only available for purchase through Walmart.

Amazon Water purifiersThe Amazon Water Purifiers are not a new product, but they are a little different from the purifying ones you can buy at the grocery store.

Instead of taking in the water, they filter the water and purify it to remove any contaminants.

These purifiers use special purification systems that remove harmful bacteria and other harmful organisms from the water before it reaches the purify purifier.

IBM PurifiersIBM is selling a series of water filters that purify the water in the company’s new Water Purification Appliances, which it announced on Thursday.

These purifiers can be bought in a number of sizes and are being marketed as being able to purify up to 4.7 million gallons of water per day, which can save you money compared to buying the existing purification equipment.

The devices also have a purification rate of more than 85%, which means they can eliminate up to 85% of the water that ends up in the system before it’s used.

The IBM Purifier can also purify 4.3 million gallons per day if it is paired with the IBM Water Purify App.

Walmart Water purificationThe Walmart Water Purifying Appliances are not cheap.

The purifiers cost about $1,000 and can only be ordered through the company.

The prices are $99.99 per unit and include a water filter and purification system.

The water purify devices are also made by a startup called Water Purifier.

Water Purifiier has been working on its purification devices for several years, and its founders are working on a water purifierer that is both more powerful and cheaper.

If you’re looking to buy a water purified water purifer, check out Amazon’s deal page on its website.