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Bleacher report has released its ranking of the top 10 Walmart Stores nationwide that will get their water purified by the end of the year.1.

Walmart, Seattle2.

Walmarts in the United States3.

Wal Mart in Seattle and Texas4.

WalMart in Texas5.

Walman’s in the US6.

WalMarts in Texas7.

Wal-Mart in California8.

Walmer’s in California9.

Walmsons in China10.

Walworths in the UK1.

Malls in the U.S.2.

Mall chains in the world3.

Mashable ranking4.

Amazon ranking5.

Bleacher Report ranking6.

Best Buy ranking7.

BestBuy.com ranking8.

Dollar General ranking9.

Hobo’s ranking10.

Ebay ranking1.

Walmart, San Jose2.

Wal-Mart, Fresno3.

Walmart, Stockton4.

Walmart in Fresno5.

Walmart stores in San Francisco6.

Walmart at the Walmart Supercenter in Fresno7.

Walmart store in Oakland8.

Walmart on Main Street in Fresno9.

Walmart location in Scottsdale, Arizona10.

Walmart Superstore in Phoenix1.



Dollar General4.

Dollar Stores5.





Kohm’s10. Costco