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A water purifying cube, which purifies water for personal hygiene and household use, costs about $3,000, but some companies sell them for as little as $1,000.

For the price, the cube can be used as a water filtration device, which can filter and remove more than 90 percent of contaminants from a water source.

The Jerusalem post spoke to the owners of three companies that sell these devices.

The top five cheapest water purifiers are listed below:1.

Janssen Vacuum and Cleaning Co.2.




Eco-Certified Purifiers.

The Gmbh purifier is the most expensive at $6,000 a piece, but a $3-plus price tag is the price of entry.

EcoCert certified purifiers, however, do not filter the water, and their cost is a little higher than those from Jansson.

The Eco-certificated purifier also does not remove all the contaminants, but it can purify a large amount of water for up to four hours, according to a product description.

The Purina Purifier costs about as much as the Janssens, but with a higher price tag of $1.4 million.

The Purina purifier can purfify water for four hours and purify water up to 10 times.

The Pico Turbo purifier has a higher cost than the Eco-Pro, but is recommended for home purification because it has a smaller footprint, according a product summary.

The Bio-Cert certified clean filters and purifiers cost about $500 each.

The cheapest Eco-Clean is about $1 million.1.

The Janssun Vacuum/GmbH2.








EcoPro The EcoMax purifier costs $1-2 million, according the Jerusalem Post.

The price tag includes installation, maintenance, and cleaning.

The ecoMax has a longer lifespan than the ecoCure and EcoCures, but the EcoCuring only lasts for two years, the Jerusalem post reported.

The purification is not very efficient.

The bio-clean purifier will purify the water for two hours, and purifies for five to 10 hours, but will not remove most of the contaminants.

The EcoMax is recommended only for home use.

The bi-clean and eco-clean are recommended for general use, but can be easily misused, the article reported.1-year warranty from Eco-Max and Eco-Cure2-year from EcoCurable3-year by Eco-Safe4-year Eco-Clear5-year eco-Clean6-year PicoMax7-year Bio-Clear8-year purify purifierPico-Rx purifier10-year JansSunA good source for this article:1-Year Warranty for Eco-RX, Eco-Turbos, and EcoCool is $7,400.2-Year Guarantee is $4,0003-Year, 5-Year warranty is $3 (2-month)4-Year & 5-Month Warranty is $1 (1-month & 5 month)The cost of a water filter depends on a number of factors, including the type and size of the filter, the size and shape of the plastic tube, the amount of material removed, the purity of the water that is removed, and whether or not there are filters available, according The Jerusalem Daily News.

The filter is made of plastic tubing, so it does not absorb all of the dirt and other contaminants that the filter will not eliminate.

The cost of the filters can vary greatly depending on the size of a filter and how many filters are available.