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The water company Wipo is providing clean water to the people of Nigeria’s northeast, where nearly a quarter of the population has severe water shortages.

According to the World Bank, Nigeria’s water supply is the third-most polluted in the world, with almost 70 percent of households lacking access to clean drinking water.

The World Bank estimates that in the region, more than 200 million people still lack access to safe drinking water, and the country’s water resources are also severely polluted.

As the country faces a growing population, Wipos water purification effort aims to help those people and their families by providing clean drinking and sanitation water.

The water purifiers are located in several villages in the area, and Wipoju has partnered with the United Nations Children’s Fund to purchase water from them.

The Wipogu purification water is then piped into homes to provide safe drinking and personal hygiene to the residents, the company said in a statement on its website.

“We are pleased to be helping the people in the northeast by helping them save water and make their daily lives more convenient and satisfying,” Wipomu said in the statement.

“To do this, we have partnered with Wipolu to buy water for people in different parts of the country and bring it to the villages where it is needed most.”

The water used for the water purifications will be donated to the Nigerian Ministry of Health and the National Council for the Development of Agriculture and Food, according to the company.

The company has also set up a mobile water purifying station to serve the communities in the regions affected by the drought.

The district of Abieja, in the northern part of the state, has been hit hardest by the outbreak of water scarcity in recent months, with many households suffering from the lack of clean drinking or sanitation water, according the Reuters news agency.

The region is currently facing a severe water shortage, with a report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stating that water in the country is in short supply, leading to many people suffering from severe dehydration and malnutrition.

The drought has also hit the agriculture sector in the district, causing food prices to spike, with some families facing massive debts as they struggle to afford basic needs.

The government has been distributing water supplies to households, but it has been difficult to provide access to basic services.

“Many households have no access to the sanitation water or sanitation equipment and so we are currently distributing water purificators to the households to help them,” Wapomu Chief Executive Officer Muhannad F. Ahmed said.

“It has been an uphill battle.

Wipoes efforts are to help improve the water distribution and improve access to drinking water in rural areas.”

The company plans to offer the water for free in the areas affected by drought.

The Wapogu company also said it will provide clean water supplies through the World Water Bank and other agencies in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Government has set up an emergency water purging operation in several districts across the country, which will be used to provide clean drinking, hygiene and other essential services to those in need.